Fille Saint Cainglet

Name:  Fille Saint Cainglet

Nickname :  Fille

School: Ateneo De Manila University

Jersey # :  15


What can you say about  Fille Saint Cainglet:

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  1. ExtraJosswa : Fille is wonderful, raised to be an athlete! 🙂
  2. donatilano : she’s a beautiful monster. Masyadong girl off court  pero different person sa loob ng court. Ang cute nyaa ;)), ang  ganda ng floor defense niya. And mautak maglaro 😉
  3. nillysgracie : Ninja,galing.Never siyang nag give up.Laban kung  laban., Mabait,hindi mayabang.  She‘s Smart player,astig na leader sa team.#Humble, #OBF,#Puso.
  4. NICAniksx : Idol ko si FILLE CAINGLET kasi kahit na maangas siya inside the court, down-to-earth pa din sya! Epitome of a true athlete! 
  5. angelicapador : i’m not totaly fan of fille,but gus2 ko rin siya kac nagpapakatotoo sia sa sarili nia 🙂
  6. madboutvball : Ms.@FilleisFly sweet on the outside, yet extremely tough on the inside. She’s the heart and soul of the Lady Eagles #ADMU
  7. rdr821 : kasi yung hang time nya ang tagal! lutang sa ere bago mag-spike, I like her off speed smart shots! :)) 
  8. KowleenSanity : Idol ko si Fille kasi She’ll never give up until she finally gets a point. She brings leadership to the team. #OBF
  9. AngNinja15 : idol ko si FilLe kasi magaling siya maglaro at gumawa sya ng sarili nyang pangalan.
  10. Eye143me : very smart player.. knows how to win the game!! “wlang yabang” “Humble”
  11. ThisIsMe0002 : Nice site!! 🙂 Hi beautiful and super lakas @FilleisFly good luck sa game!

  12.  _jeffjeff :  is such an asset to the ADMU team and this was evident during her time away because of injury. She’s definitely a ninja on the court, athletic, passionate, devoted, and obviously loves the game. She’s definitely an integral part of the team and a born leader. For me, she definitely stood out amongst the Lady Eagles.
  13. DavenMargie : idol q c fille kc hndi xa napapagod.. at palaging naka smile kahit anung mangyari.. kya idol q xa….
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  1. Soo-Yun Canillo : kamukha niya si angel locsin at magaling mag english
  2. Eranio Egenias :  magaling na maganda pa.

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Angeline Marie Gervacio

Name:  Angeline Marie Gervacio 

Nickname : Dzi

School: Ateneo De Manila University

Jersey # : 6



What can you say about Angeline Marie Gervacio:

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DziLoversOf : Powerhitter, 🙂 Humble 🙂 Queen of Jump serves :))

reneritual: Magaling naman sya ! ^^! haha ./>?

aly2fille15ho3 : uhmm! sa tingin ko sya dpt best server! jump serves nya palang
anggaling na

irishkyra : Malaki na talaga yung inimproved ni Kapitana Dzi simula nung
nakalaban nila yung NU! Galing galing niya! 🙂

rdr821 : that ever deadly swag and sexy jump serve of her! combination play
killer! :))

DennizeGael : Captain @dzigervacio She’s so Good in Combination Play! She’s the
captain that can play all the positions

DennizeGael : Captain na, SPIKER QUICKER SETTER BLOCKER at GOOD SERVER i think
Utility position nalang di niya nagawa at Libero

ilorvyz : i strongly agree that gorgeous captain dzi can only do the jump
rolling solid serve:)))

phdisaninja : she’s part of the fab five and because her jump serves are
AMAZING @dzigervacio

_jeffjeff : Dzi, I believe, is one of those players who you can rely on to play
any position on the court. That’s how versatile and important she is, in my
opinion. She’s so good in everything she does! Parang magic~ pag sya ang
nagseserve! Her jump serves are so amazing, solid, reliable, and powerful!
Perfect fit in that Fab5 batch of hers. Captain sya for a reason, right? hehe






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Alyssa Valdez

Name:  Alyssa Valdez

Nickname : Alyssa / Valdo

School: Ateneo De Manila University

Jersey # : 2


What can you say about Alyssa Valdez:

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  1. PilyangLarrinet: Amazing yung Impact ng mga Spikes nya and ang Cute nya mag smile. :”>
  2. AguirreJennie : she’s a nice woman and a good player… ilove her
  3. kiefpril : napakagaling!! idol!!
  4. tolalahhh : Alyssa Valdez is a scoring machine! 🙂
  5. lontajish : hanep pumalo,wagas,galing……. amazing…
  6. i_alfred : She was created by Gods to play volleyball
  7. maybondchen : She’s playing with grace and sincerity
  8. tineyay : very humble , unlike others!! yay
  9. _jeffjeff :  hehe about Alyssa Valdez, from what I’ve seen from this season, I feel like losing her (wag naman sana) would have been a bigger loss for Ateneo than Fille nung out xa for those few games after injury. Ganun ka importante sya sa team and she’s a top MVP candidate in my opinion. I can tell na very determined sya and doesn’t get discouraged easily, but parang as competitive minded as someone like Kobe Bryant XD
  10. gideonandcellay : GRABEH unstoppable!
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  1. M-Rose Tolentino : she’s good but boring panoorin kasi parang sya lang ang player!
  2. Eranio Egenias : ang nagugustuhan ko kay valdez ay ung mga ngiti nya.shes a very good player at kung wala sya sa team ateneo malamang nasa last ranking ang Admu cgurado.
  3. Vhinz Delos Santos : Super galing at super lakas she’s my idol 🙂 super 🙂
  4. Mhonzkie Austria Caños : She is nice.
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  1. melchisedechIV : What can you say about this pretty, young and talented girl from USTHS who transferred to ADMU.
  2. abbie08 : one of my favorite players..very talented and humble.the admuwvt is lucky to have her.
  3. RuckuS : she’s the UAAP lady version of the “Human Highlight Film” .. lahat ng palo todo-bigay, i hope that as she matures more as a player, she expands her game (which im sure she will) .. she’s spectacular on offense but quite a liability on the defensive end, being a scoring machine will win her fans thats for sure, but improving her defense will win her championships. .. still just a rookie, cant wait to see what she’ll be in 2-3
  4. PokemonSapphire : Though I am an LS fan, I am really impressed by this girl. She is a fighter. You will become a star bigger Star in the future.more
  5. malaya_brooke : This girl is a true winner. She really stepped up in the Finals and never gave up despite the tough defense DLSU gave her. years.
  6. peppermint2 All I want for Alyssa is to not be too humble. Show your GRIT girl. It’s not bad to show it sometimes when your actions can support it.You showing it will also help your teamates gain their confidence. PUMP IT UP! Whether you like it or not you have to co-lead this Ateneo squad as early as now. You have to accept that responsibility . I know I’m asking too much from you but I know you can handle it. Thats how much I believe in you and your game.

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Valdez (3)


Gretchen Ho

Name:  Gretchen Ho

Nickname : Gretch

School: Ateneo De Manila University

Jersey # : 


What can you say about Gretchen Ho:

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  1. portiaangela : grabe ang nacontribute niya sa ADMU_WVT ..galing niya .
  2. rose_o29 : i idolized her so much .. :))
  3. nickiMAINEj  : Gretchen Ho is one of my inspiration!! Pretty, Nice and Good Sport!! I love you
  4. callmedhavey : she may not score a lot. But her presence on the floor creates such big impact!
  5. TeamDemetria04 : for me she’s the best player 🙂
  6. sportycrooner : She embodies Beauty and Brains. 🙂
  7. TeamDemetria04 : Gretchen Ho :))) simple, pretty and adorable 🙂
  8. iamthel16: magaling sya maglaro. Maganda. Mabait. That’s why she became one of the most popular player in UAAP.
  9. badzz143 : she’s beautiful and athletic.. great combination and her presence alone can make the crowd go crazy!!!
  10. rdr821 : kasi love din kita. heheh. cge God bless
  11. castromark559 :  She’s the reason why madaming guys ang nanonood ng volleyball
  12. nashty_tweets : she may not be the best MB ever but you can’t take away the fact that she has a lot of fans.. 😉
  13. anneEscano :  she also got the looks and the swag :)) she can score in perfect time and perfect moment :))
  14. rdr821  : her presence is already intense. i like the way she plays she maintains her focus.during game she claps to groove the team! 😉
  15. archeraira2116 : magaling naman siya. 🙂 #OwnOpinion
  16. tolalahhh : She’s pretty and kahit maliit sya super galing nya magspike :)) and xempre shes the best server this season 🙂
  17. rjayaqo : she is sooo beautiful and hot 🙂
  18. niceniccc : crowd favorite!
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  1. Lalyn Paraiso : humble mgaling mtalino n s knya n lhat eh:)
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  1. ladydaniel : a pretty chinita girl. I know that this girl has a lot to show, lalu na this uaap mas mabbgyan na sya ng time! galing ng pinakita nya against ust ng v-lg.
  2. Qube : The last quick of Ms. Gretch was perfect. Kitang-kita mo ang determination to win on her face.and is really pretty. The prettiest player not only in Ateneo but the whole UAAP!
  3. Hansen_4ever : I love seeing her game face whenever she is on court. I can’t wait to watch her and the Lady Eagles
  4. Ian30 : Gretch is very cute……. and pretty indeed! She’s my fave player of teneo.

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Ho (2)

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