DATE : AUG 09,2013
Name : Shiela Marie “Bhebs/Bang” Pineda.
“HAIRPINeda” of Adamson Lady Falcon
Position : Outside Hitter
Jersey‬ Number: #1 & #3
Height‬ : 5’3″ or 5’4″
‎College‬ : Adamson University
‎Born‬ : January 21, 1991

Award‬ :
UAAP Season 75 Best Server


Feedback from her fans (Twitter):

1. Kayendee13 : Ang gling nya ksi 
2. SharmLopina : she’s a big BANG to her Team! 
3. colelays94 : Kasi bukod sa maganda na, magaling 
pa mag volleyball!  at mabait pa 
4. rdr821 : (1) i like her because she thinks she can do it and she really does, she is fierce. (2) because her game spirit reflects on her she is a “bang!”
5. MELtingpoint03 : kasi magaling siya mag serve  , PALABAN siya!
6.swagger_jeamer : “Bang Pineda” reminds when I’m still in hischOol small but can hit and spike the ball very hard! She’s very talented too!
7. iamriczpanlilio :Mabait, maganda, SUPER GALING MAGLARO  ) ‪#‎ProudAdamsonian‬
8. rjayaqo : (1) ah naloloka aqo sa mga exena nya at sa emote nya yun lang (2) she is sooo beautiful and hot
9. i_alfred : she’s inconsistent.
10. ccmymy : FIGHTER 
11. iCEEehm : idol ko si Bang ksi mgaling sya at all out ang laro nya every games. =))))
12. portiaangela : i like @bangnita not b’coz she’s beautiful b’coz she’s being herself all the time.

From Pinoyexchange:

1. dawnprime: very promising….
2. ashes_2_ashes : Excellent game from Pineda. I admit I was skeptical of her talent and potential, but now I have to say I’m wrong. This girl has a great future ahead, she’ll be better than Gustilo.
3. greg_page : ..not to mention she’s far prettier than Gustilo. i don’t know but I find her hot
4. -alucard- : as far as finding good-looking volleybelles
5. iphone-addict : actually she is really not that typical pretty girl. but she has that charismatic appeal!
6. raine_11 : galing ni shiela pineda….POG…. high flyer din…mala, illa santos in the making…maliit pero ang taas tumalon at effective open spiker…

CTO of the article that compiled the messages from Pineda’s Fans.


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