Michelle Therese Gumabao

Name:   Michelle Therese Gumabao

Nickname : Mich

School: De La Salle University

Jersey # : 7

Twitter:  www.twitter.com/gumabaomichele


What can you say about Michele Gumabao :

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  1. Cjoc7 : maganda na magaling pa!! Kaya idol e!! 🙂 @gumabaomichele :))
  2. kbebrian : beauty and athleticism 🙂 haha
  3. KarenCosico29 : Super galing ni @gumabaomichele sa court tamang angas lng, pero mabait xia sa personal approchable xia :)))
  4. LalhynAZ : cause she has a beauty, taLent and a good attitude !! ^^
  5. _jeffjeff : @UAAP_updates @gumabaomichele has that competitive drive that ignites the strength of her teammates, and to me, this is an obvious feature about her game. She steps up when she needs to, knows when to tone it down when she needs to. Either way, it seems that she knows what’s best for her team in any situation. A warrior athlete in her own right, I admire her sportsmanship, her trust in her teammates, and never forgetting that as competitive as the sport is, it looks like she’s having fun. It must be in the genes 😉 On a personal note, being a person of faith and/in God is SUCH a wonderful thing, and to see that she is, is a heartwarming thing.
  6. madboutvball : @gumabaomichele is an intelligent player who is solid, strong and poised.
  7. thepsyleenpower : @gumabaomichele ang galing niya.hindi siya nakakalimot mag thank you kay lord sa tuwing may game sila.she’s an inspiration:))
  8. iammightyvensor : she plays with heart and very solid kung pumalo 🙂 @gumabaomichele @UAAP_updates
  9. ADLovesss : @gumabaomichele She’s the wall of Lady Spikers very strong and smart player.
  10. KarenCosico29 : @gumabaomichele Magaling xia Leader sa team & ang lakas nya sa Blockings :))
  11. 143redAj : @gumabaomichele kasi Swager and Hamble:b
  12. kaylamae_samson : @gumabaomichele super galing nya..! 🙂
  13. Janviccccc : No wonder she’s the top blocker in UAAP volleyball this season. And watching her fly can take your breath away.
  14. findtheSam : She has Beauty and Talents. 🙂 She is one of the great players from La Salle!
  15. Cjoc7 : Maganda na magaling pa. may puso sa laro & giving the best she can do for the team :)) @gumabaomichele IHEARTYOU IDOL!! 🙂
  16. jgecruz12 : She’s the finisher of almost all the games. 😀
  17. hoodsey : is the #BlockMamba & hits #megablocks on & off court(haters).She’s reppin Mktg students past,present&future.?

Gumabao (8) Gumabao (7) Gumabao

Gumabao (6)Gumabao (5)Gumabao (4)Gumabao (1)Gumabao (3)

Gumabao (2)


One thought on “Michelle Therese Gumabao

  1. nakakatuwa ka sa GGV Ate .. sana makapicturan kita .. Thank po sa Lahat!! :))

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