Angeline Marie Gervacio

Name:  Angeline Marie Gervacio 

Nickname : Dzi

School: Ateneo De Manila University

Jersey # : 6



What can you say about Angeline Marie Gervacio:

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DziLoversOf : Powerhitter, 🙂 Humble 🙂 Queen of Jump serves :))

reneritual: Magaling naman sya ! ^^! haha ./>?

aly2fille15ho3 : uhmm! sa tingin ko sya dpt best server! jump serves nya palang
anggaling na

irishkyra : Malaki na talaga yung inimproved ni Kapitana Dzi simula nung
nakalaban nila yung NU! Galing galing niya! 🙂

rdr821 : that ever deadly swag and sexy jump serve of her! combination play
killer! :))

DennizeGael : Captain @dzigervacio She’s so Good in Combination Play! She’s the
captain that can play all the positions

DennizeGael : Captain na, SPIKER QUICKER SETTER BLOCKER at GOOD SERVER i think
Utility position nalang di niya nagawa at Libero

ilorvyz : i strongly agree that gorgeous captain dzi can only do the jump
rolling solid serve:)))

phdisaninja : she’s part of the fab five and because her jump serves are
AMAZING @dzigervacio

_jeffjeff : Dzi, I believe, is one of those players who you can rely on to play
any position on the court. That’s how versatile and important she is, in my
opinion. She’s so good in everything she does! Parang magic~ pag sya ang
nagseserve! Her jump serves are so amazing, solid, reliable, and powerful!
Perfect fit in that Fab5 batch of hers. Captain sya for a reason, right? hehe






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One thought on “Angeline Marie Gervacio

  1. mamimiss ko po yung Service mo na ikaw lang ang nakakagawa sa UAAP .. i miss you po , iloveyou! :)) Thanks po .. Pa-Follow @ADMU_WVTcom and @GM_Freakiee

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