Ma. Paulina Soriano

Name:  Ma. Paulina Soriano

Nickname :  Pau

School: Adamson University

Jersey # : 2

Twitter:  (none)


What can you say about Ma. Paulina Soriano:

  • Twitter

eliotetuc : a humble team captain.

jec_in_tokyo : the poker face girl..very realiable middle hitter..

_jeffjeff : ah mayb I’ll have smthing more after Sat? hehe but I know she’s a dominant force in the league, once she gets going, she can become almost unstoppable. Spiking and Scoring Machine ika nga.. but that’s just my impression of her; just need to watch AdU more 😛

irishkyra : Astig siya. Magaling na mabait pa. Gusto ko kung

leadership na sa team! Galing galing.

BeybehJeyms :  crush ko. :>

leaerni : magaling & mabait 🙂

madboutvball :  Pau is solid and steady. Very dependable.

FrancisPauloPer :kasi.quick hitter at high vb IQ

paulavillagraci : magaling kse sya 😀

harold_inator : matalino siya.

Soriano (1)

 Soriano (2)

Personal Message : 

Pau is a Captain Ball from ADU Lady Falcons, i didn’t know her personally but all i can say is that she’s so humble , kind, never been snob, and super down to earth and when you notice her playing on court,  when she makes points or even Spike hard points , she can never act like “Arrogant/Mayabang” so i’m saying this cause this is true. and i know everyone notice it. 🙂


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