Maricar Nepomuceno

Name:  Maricar Nepomuceno

Nickname : Kai/Cai

School:  National University

Jersey # : 8



What can you say about Maricar Nepomuceno :

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_jeffjeff : @kaiNepomuceno is one of those players who makes such a difference in the game whether or not play-by-play announcers point it out. But she will always make her presence known on the court. With players like Pablo, Urdas, Santiago, & Reyes ++ at her side, it’s not hard to see why she doesn’t always “stand out”, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when she’s on her game, she makes her presence known and will make a difference in the game. I will always admire her obvious competitive spirit. And in her last season in the UAAP, you could really tell that she wants to go all the way and win it all. Even in the “do or die” game against UST, she stepped up just a bit more. Halata na she didn’t want that game to be her last. She helps to provide the spark, support, energy, and inspiration that the team sometimes needs. She’s a very solid player, great blocker, and overall seems to be a great asset to NU (any team that she’s on for that matter). I salute her in her playoff run! She is definitely a star player in her own right. (:

anneEscano : though ang skinny nya she still can be threat to others .. Haha!!:)

shaigatdula : mgaling na mganda pa ! :)) #NUQUATRO

Ghiewacay : isa siya sa idol ko sa Uaap players ksi magaling na mganda pa at humble siya.Hndi tlad ng iba rookie plang ang ybang na

jamiewolfeee :Beauty + Brains + Skill + HEIGHT! 😀 Such a versatile player and napaka cute pa 🙂 She’s my favorite player from NU.

Nepomuceno (6)

Nepomuceno (7)  Nepomuceno (5)  Nepomuceno (2)

Nepomuceno (1)Nepomuceno (4)  

Nepomuceno (3)


3 thoughts on “Maricar Nepomuceno

  1. Palyer in the court

  2. Sii ate kai Ang Pinakamabaet na PLAYER na nakilala ko.! Kase walung kayabang yabang.. LOVE YOU . Mamimiss kita 😦

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