Carmela Tunay

Name:   Camela Tunay

Nickname : Mela

School:  University of Santo Tomas

Jersey # : 8



What can you say about Carmela Tunay :

  • Twitter

sisarahprinsesa : Fierce! Maganda na talented pa. :”> The new life of the tigresses! 😀 :bd

KarenCosico29 : Xia yun ng set up nun game nila against ADMU..sana bukas din sa game nila against NU… wag lng kbahan bukas

bALoNg994 :the m0st improve player of UST

HotFist_32 : she’s sweet.

thatsmeHarvsss : MY IDOL is MA. CARMELA TUNAY because she is BEAUTIFUL and good volleyball player!! :DD @carmelaloo08

panaligan_d : because CUTE AT MAGALING SYA ! =DDDD

_jeffjeff : from this season alone, napansin ko din na she’s definitely improving. to me, she’s silent but deadly, tapos yun nga, I think she’s underrated because of how much better she makes the team, but she’s not always recognized as such, like Jessey De Leon (another of my favorite players) in my opinion. Kaya parang unsung hero. Kahit ako, I didn’t really pay attention to her alone, but her contribution to the team should make her stand out more in the future., I definitely think so. napansin ko na npkimportante ang mga 2nd year players this season…then again, I just started watching this season hehe. But I think she definitely has a bright future, esp with this UST team.

WAY TO END THE SET. kinabahan ako doon, esp after great start! I did dream UST winning in 4

 hehe sana psychic vision yung dream ko! (: The Finisher talaga si @carmelaloo08 ! AMAZING.

MELtingpoint03 : idol ko c @carmelaloo08 ksi hnd xia snob at magaling xia ALL in ONE din 🙂

CarmelaTunayFP : malayo pa mararating ni Mela, mas lalakas pa siya sa mga darating na season.WE LOVE HER! 🙂 We will support her until the end kahit graduate na siya. We hope na sumali siya sa RP Team. 🙂

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  • My Personal Message :  

Can you even imagine that Mela Tunay is Sophomore? Well for me i don’t think that she is Sophomore, actually when she’s spike “To do Bigay, Lakas Pumalo” looks like a veteran, i think in the futures she’s more improving when it comes to play Volleyball.

But I’m sad when UST lose yesterday, 😦 ’cause i’m going watch this coming Saturday , and i think i didn’t see her 😦 but it’s ok. there’s more time for me to see her.

when Mela Tunay Finished the 3rd Set yesterday between NU. some of my followers on twitter hash tag the #THE FINISHER ,  oohh diba?

I had one wish, to see Carmela Tunay  in personal , i mean “Malapitan” and some shake hands.. wiw! i feel lucky when i touch her hand. i think she had a soft hand.. no no no.. i think hard hand? because of the Ball? hehe..  kidding..


2 thoughts on “Carmela Tunay

  1. Ate carmela Tunay is the best player awww!! Nakakalunkot kasi hndi sila nkapasok s aFinal four but It’s okay for the team bawi nlang next season ☺☺

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