Alyssa Valdez

Name:  Alyssa Valdez

Nickname : Alyssa / Valdo

School: Ateneo De Manila University

Jersey # : 2


What can you say about Alyssa Valdez:

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  1. PilyangLarrinet: Amazing yung Impact ng mga Spikes nya and ang Cute nya mag smile. :”>
  2. AguirreJennie : she’s a nice woman and a good player… ilove her
  3. kiefpril : napakagaling!! idol!!
  4. tolalahhh : Alyssa Valdez is a scoring machine! 🙂
  5. lontajish : hanep pumalo,wagas,galing……. amazing…
  6. i_alfred : She was created by Gods to play volleyball
  7. maybondchen : She’s playing with grace and sincerity
  8. tineyay : very humble , unlike others!! yay
  9. _jeffjeff :  hehe about Alyssa Valdez, from what I’ve seen from this season, I feel like losing her (wag naman sana) would have been a bigger loss for Ateneo than Fille nung out xa for those few games after injury. Ganun ka importante sya sa team and she’s a top MVP candidate in my opinion. I can tell na very determined sya and doesn’t get discouraged easily, but parang as competitive minded as someone like Kobe Bryant XD
  10. gideonandcellay : GRABEH unstoppable!
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  1. M-Rose Tolentino : she’s good but boring panoorin kasi parang sya lang ang player!
  2. Eranio Egenias : ang nagugustuhan ko kay valdez ay ung mga ngiti nya.shes a very good player at kung wala sya sa team ateneo malamang nasa last ranking ang Admu cgurado.
  3. Vhinz Delos Santos : Super galing at super lakas she’s my idol 🙂 super 🙂
  4. Mhonzkie Austria Caños : She is nice.
  • Pinoy Exchange
  1. melchisedechIV : What can you say about this pretty, young and talented girl from USTHS who transferred to ADMU.
  2. abbie08 : one of my favorite players..very talented and humble.the admuwvt is lucky to have her.
  3. RuckuS : she’s the UAAP lady version of the “Human Highlight Film” .. lahat ng palo todo-bigay, i hope that as she matures more as a player, she expands her game (which im sure she will) .. she’s spectacular on offense but quite a liability on the defensive end, being a scoring machine will win her fans thats for sure, but improving her defense will win her championships. .. still just a rookie, cant wait to see what she’ll be in 2-3
  4. PokemonSapphire : Though I am an LS fan, I am really impressed by this girl. She is a fighter. You will become a star bigger Star in the future.more
  5. malaya_brooke : This girl is a true winner. She really stepped up in the Finals and never gave up despite the tough defense DLSU gave her. years.
  6. peppermint2 All I want for Alyssa is to not be too humble. Show your GRIT girl. It’s not bad to show it sometimes when your actions can support it.You showing it will also help your teamates gain their confidence. PUMP IT UP! Whether you like it or not you have to co-lead this Ateneo squad as early as now. You have to accept that responsibility . I know I’m asking too much from you but I know you can handle it. Thats how much I believe in you and your game.

Valdez (2)

Valdez (3)



5 thoughts on “Alyssa Valdez

  1. one of the best volleyball players :))

  2. shes my idol in playing volleyball. she is so amazing!

  3. my inspiration 🙂

  4. She’s a remarkable player.

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