Gretchen Ho

Name:  Gretchen Ho

Nickname : Gretch

School: Ateneo De Manila University

Jersey # : 


What can you say about Gretchen Ho:

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  1. portiaangela : grabe ang nacontribute niya sa ADMU_WVT ..galing niya .
  2. rose_o29 : i idolized her so much .. :))
  3. nickiMAINEj  : Gretchen Ho is one of my inspiration!! Pretty, Nice and Good Sport!! I love you
  4. callmedhavey : she may not score a lot. But her presence on the floor creates such big impact!
  5. TeamDemetria04 : for me she’s the best player 🙂
  6. sportycrooner : She embodies Beauty and Brains. 🙂
  7. TeamDemetria04 : Gretchen Ho :))) simple, pretty and adorable 🙂
  8. iamthel16: magaling sya maglaro. Maganda. Mabait. That’s why she became one of the most popular player in UAAP.
  9. badzz143 : she’s beautiful and athletic.. great combination and her presence alone can make the crowd go crazy!!!
  10. rdr821 : kasi love din kita. heheh. cge God bless
  11. castromark559 :  She’s the reason why madaming guys ang nanonood ng volleyball
  12. nashty_tweets : she may not be the best MB ever but you can’t take away the fact that she has a lot of fans.. 😉
  13. anneEscano :  she also got the looks and the swag :)) she can score in perfect time and perfect moment :))
  14. rdr821  : her presence is already intense. i like the way she plays she maintains her focus.during game she claps to groove the team! 😉
  15. archeraira2116 : magaling naman siya. 🙂 #OwnOpinion
  16. tolalahhh : She’s pretty and kahit maliit sya super galing nya magspike :)) and xempre shes the best server this season 🙂
  17. rjayaqo : she is sooo beautiful and hot 🙂
  18. niceniccc : crowd favorite!
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  1. Lalyn Paraiso : humble mgaling mtalino n s knya n lhat eh:)
  • PinoyExchange
  1. ladydaniel : a pretty chinita girl. I know that this girl has a lot to show, lalu na this uaap mas mabbgyan na sya ng time! galing ng pinakita nya against ust ng v-lg.
  2. Qube : The last quick of Ms. Gretch was perfect. Kitang-kita mo ang determination to win on her face.and is really pretty. The prettiest player not only in Ateneo but the whole UAAP!
  3. Hansen_4ever : I love seeing her game face whenever she is on court. I can’t wait to watch her and the Lady Eagles
  4. Ian30 : Gretch is very cute……. and pretty indeed! She’s my fave player of teneo.

Ho (1)


Ho (2)

Ho (3)


4 thoughts on “Gretchen Ho

  1. she has a lot of fans! but she’s one of the graduating player but she does not contribute that big to the team….

  2. mabait,maganda,magaling maglalaro,matalino,lahat n ata nsa knya na,and she is also my favorite player and all the lady eagles too.:))

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